Notebook Dungeon


All you need is the arrow keys or W, A, S, D keys to play. You can show/hide the map by hitting 'M'


Programming and graphics by Narkhos

Music by  @JDSherbert (from package


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I really, really love this game!

I did it also before playing it dued to its lovely aesthetics.

I agree with all the favorable comments in the Jam page, but I prefer to left mine here to stay after the competition.

The minimalistic look and feel is perfectly matched with the minimalistic gameplay and controls using only arrow keys.

This game captures the quintessence of this kind of games and serves it to you in a format that you want for a quick game, but leaves your body asking for an even longer version for long gameplays.

Good job, boy! ;)

like but should have used the QE for turn and AD for strafe

Thank you. I didn't implement strafing because I feared it could be confusing for some players due to instant movements and lack of variety in the environnement. Will definitly consider this for a post-jam release :)