Once started, the game may take a few seconds to appear. Please be patient.

Goal: Collect all 25 emeralds.

Exploration controls:

Up arrow/w key: move forward or action

Down arrow/s key: move backward

Left arrow/a key: turn left

Right arrow/d key: turn right

Battle controls:

Up arrow/w key: Fire

Down arrow/s key: Shield

Left arrow/a key: Turn left

Right arrow/d key: Turn right


Musics by Chris Logsdon (from pack https://chrislsound.itch.io/cyberpunk-stealth)

Technical details:

This game has been made during the dungeon crawler jam 2022. It's made from scratch in Typescript. It was an opportunity for me to learn this language and to have fun implementing a raycaster. As a result, performance is far from optimal.

Updated 27 days ago


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Nice! I really liked how the barrels and enemies in this game stood out from the background, like a parallax effect. The movement and attacks also had this "dusty" feel which I felt fit the aesthetic well.

Once I got the hang of the combat, I started to appreciate this mix between dungeon crawler and random encounters. The shovel made it feel like there was some unlockable aspect to the game where there was a puzzle to be solved.

I am most curious about the enemies... Haha like why are they always hiding behind doors (SWAT shield?) and mine carts. Am I an invader? What are they hiding?

Well done!